Hotel Industry

We have been supplying the hotel industry with our range of feather and down quilts, pillows and mattress toppers. Recently we have been supplying hotel quality microsoft polyester ball fibre quilts and pillows. We offer quality products, competitive prices and pride ourselves on customer service.

Hotel QuiltsQuilts - Feather and Down

Our quilts are cassette or box wall construction and are available in either duck down or goose down. These quilts are non adjustable featuring a series of individual filled squares which maintain an even distribution of warmth. We offer a range of quilts which suit different needs and sleeping habits.

Quilts - Microsoft

These quilts are non allergenic and hygienic for allergy and asthma sufferers. Constructed in a cassette style these quilts will not flatten, tangle, lump or matt down. The microsoft fibres superb resilience means your quilt can be easily restored to its original shape, even after extended use.

Pillows - Feather & Down

Hotel Pillow

We can offer a range of duck or goose feather and down pillows from standard to king size to suit your requirement.

Pillows - Microsoft Ball Fibre

Our non allergenic and hygienic pillow are great for allergy or asthma sufferers. These pillows won't flatten, tangle, lump or matt down.

Hotels we have supplied

  • Hyatt
  • The Westin Melbourne & Sydney
  • Langham
  • Sofitel
  • Werribee Mansion
  • Sheraton
  • Windsor Hotel
  • RACV